Complex problems don't need complex solutions

Trampoline is a team of experts who specialize in backend systems.
Our focus is scalability and availability.

Our services

We help you achieve your business goals by using a unique approach to building software and advanced programming techniques.


Come up with ideas to tackle complex problems, review and improve existing solutions, or share the knowledge of functional programming with you.

Our projects

Some of our projects we have built with our favorite language, Scala, using the functional programming paradigm.

Empowering domain experts to test and execute business logic from specifications

With the addition of business oriented language, we eliminated costly development cycles and reduced time-to-production of new features from weeks to hours.

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Reducing troubleshooting from days to hours for a major mobile carrier

By building customizable data pipelines and leveraging machine learning models, we were able to reduce the troubleshooting and analysis of the failed network equipment tests from days to hours for one of the largest telecom providers in North America.

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Increasing quality and reliability of data preparation for ETL and analytics

We've built a highly scalable streaming platform for automating data preparation tasks that brought significant reduction of support costs of existing ETL solutions.

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Collecting sensor data and making it auditable and traceable

We've created a platform to connect wearable devices and phones to track and visualize real-time data on a timeline and build historical reports for analytics.

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Meet us

Making an impact by creating quality software, teaching others, speaking at conferences and maintaining open source projects.

Regis Leray
Software Engineer

15 years of writing code professionally and strong believer in the benefits of functional programming.

Eli Kasik
Software Engineer

Versatile and experienced software engineer with over a decade of experience in the industry.

Sergei Shabanau
Software Engineer

Formally educated in applied math and mastering his programming skills in professional software development for almost two decades.

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