Hi, we are Trampoline

An innovative collective of like-minded folks making use of functional programming

Why us

6 reasons to work together

01Software craftsmanship

We assume quality as a requirement rather than as "nice to have".

With time and practice we came to realize that code quality can coexist with tight deadlines given the expertise and dedication of a team delivering the result.

By practicing software craftsmanship we are raising the bar of professional software development and helping others learn and improve.

02Meaningful experience

With many years in software we saw technologies and languages rising and falling, we saw successful and failed projects.

Now we see patterns.

We go further than just building code, we learn your business problem to be sure that software is indeed the right solution.


We act on belief that honest communication is a key to successful relationships.

We ask many questions and relay all identified risks and uncertainties upfront. If we see a project as not solvable with given constraints we state that.

We ask for feedback and provide frequent insights into project development so it is clear what we are trying to achieve.

04The A-Team

We provide our expertise as a team. As demanding software projects require significant amount of specialized knowledge, we are making it available by combing our skills.

We possess unique combination of autonomy and cultural fit to work directly with a client as a single unit without the need for additional managerial overhead.

05Thinking differently

We are not satisfied with the level of professional maturity in software industry and average results.

We question existing practices and create new tools. We believe that knowing when to apply out-of-the-box thinking can lead to a unique and advantageous outcome.

06Cutting-edge knowledge

We dedicate time to visit and speak at conferences, contribute to open source, collaborate with top-level developers and learn new programming techniques. We make this vast experience and latest knowledge available to our clients.

Complex problems don't need complex solutions

Meet us

Making an impact by creating quality software, teaching others, speaking at conferences and maintaining open source projects.

Regis Leray
Software Engineer

15 years of writing code professionally and strong believer in the benefits of functional programming to resolve hard business problems in efficient manner.

He is an active open source contributor and recently started to share his passion by talking at Scala conferences.

Eli Kasik
Software Engineer

Versatile and experienced software engineer with over a decade of working in the industry, Eli has led many projects going from idea to production.

His career has taken him through frontend e-commerce, DevOps with Kubernetes and distributed computing with Scala.

For the past two years, Eli has been building a scalable big data platform using Typelevel Scala.
In his free time, Eli attends professional conferences and contributes to open source.

Sergei Shabanau
Software Engineer

With formal education in applied math and almost two decades of professional experience in software development, Sergei brings over fundamental knowledge in architecture, design and implementation of modern era software.

Author of parserz, the only invertible parser combinator library in Scala, and a contributor to ZIO ecosystem where he works on next-gen codec library.


Let's talk

Located in Montreal @ Canada, we are available for calls or in-person meetings. Don't hesitate to reach out!